Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A few months ago, I began to develop symptoms to what is referred to as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. At the time, and up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t take it seriously. The pain came and went, and I know it’s associated to how much I use computers, specifically the repetitive actions of typing and using the mouse. When I first realized I may have CTS, I went to my doctor, Dr. Abel, a wonderful doctor. In fact, she’s the best I’ve seen in recent years. She’s down to earth, easy to talk to and relate to, and knows her stuff. She’s somewhat of a ‘looker’, too. Anyway, she told me at the time try some exercises and come back if the pain persisted. Truth be told, I’ve done some of the exercises when I’ve remembered to or when it occurs to me. However, with other issues taking place in recent months, I didn’t make it a priority to go see her. I’ve been able to type and use the computer just the same, but I’ve definitely felt the CTS, some days a lot more then others. It’s gotten to be quite bothersome, and I’ve finally decided to do something about it. I’ve been doing online research, learning more about CTS. On Tuesday, I’ll be going to see Dr. Abel about it.
I know, I’ve been ignorant and stupid when it comes to this. Ignorance is bliss, what else can I say? I, of course, have been wondering what may come of my computer career goals, since I have CTS, which doesn’t feel very good, and I have lost sleep over that. I just hope to be able to correct my CTS, as I do not want to give up my career goals. That being said, my health comes first.
Here are some links that I have found useful:

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