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Working in the Heat


The factors affecting how hot a person feels can be controlled to some extent. Lower the temperature with air conditioning or a good ventilation system; lower the humidity with a good ventilation system and/or dehumidifiers; wear clothing that allows sweat to evaporate easily; wear sunglasses and sunscreen to reduce sun exposure, if required.Steps can be taken to prevent heat related problems:

  • take time to adjust to the heat
  • drink plenty of fluids at regular intervals
  • schedule the work in the coolest part of the day
  • try to work in the shade
  • take regular breaks in a cool/shaded place
  • avoid alcohol and caffeine.  



Microsoft Will Not Fix Win 98 Flaw

Microsoft will not fix a serious flaw in Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition because a patch could break other applications.
The security bug relates to Windows Explorer and could let an intruder commandeer a vulnerable PC, Microsoft warned in April. The software maker has made fixes available for Windows Server 2003, Windows XP and Windows 2000, but it has found that eliminating the Vulnerability in Windows 98 and ME is "not feasible," it said.
"To do so would require re-engineering a significant amount of a critical core component of the operating system," Microsoft said in a Thursday update to its MS06-015 security bulletin. "After such a re-engineering effort, there would be no assurance that applications designed to run on these platforms would continue to operate."
Instead, Microsoft recommends that people who still use the older operating systems protect their PCs by using a network firewall that filters traffic on TCP Port 139. "Such a firewall will block attacks attempting to Exploit this Vulnerability from outside of the firewall," it said.


Resilient Oilers force Game 7

"The ever-resilient Edmonton Oilers flexed their collective muscle Saturday night at Rexall Place and will now have the opportunity to win the franchise’s sixth Stanley Cup.
The Oilers used three power-play goals to defeat the Carolina Hurricanes 4-0 in Game 6 as both teams head back to Raleigh, N.C., for the seventh and deciding game Monday night (CBC, 8 p.m. EDT).
The Hurricanes led this best-of-seven matchup 3-1, but the Oilers stepped up their special-teams play over the last two games to even the series.
"We all talk about belief. We all talk about urgency," said Edmonton forward Ryan Smyth. "We’ve given ourselves the opportunity to play in a Game 7.
"We’ll do our best to put our names on the Cup."



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Game 6 – Edmonton Oilers Fans Sing Anthem 



Oilers on YouTube!

Go Oilers!

Student Sues CDI College


"Ontario resident Aaron Laforest was tired of dead end jobs. When he saw the career training advertised by CDI College in Sudbury, he thought it sounded perfect. He enrolled in a 49-week program, to become a Network and Internet Security Specialist. It was, he claims, a waste of time.

"You sit there and read," Laforest told CTV. "This was pretty much a correspondence program that was overpriced — where you could have easily sat at home and done the same job on your own."

Laforest received high marks. However, he quit the program before it was completed. He’s now suing CDI for $10,000, alleging "false advertising and misrepresentation." Laforest claims, in his lawsuit, "There has been no teaching received throughout this program.""


Mac Ads


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