Back To School

      It’s been a long couple of weeks, full of very stressful times, a lot of pressure, and no shortage of things to keep us busy. Melissa and I have decided to go to college, myself for a second time. Melissa does not want to spend any more time working around town, and is completely determined to make something of herself as soon as possible, specifically in a business office management setting. Employment Insurance will be paying for her tuition, but I have been "forced" to take out a second Student Loan to pay for my course. This fact alone has motivated us to think of any way possible for Melissa to go to school while I work and get certified on my own.
        Fact of the matter is if I want to get my education and certifications as quickly as possible, schooling is the best way to go, although it is the most expensive route. We’ve considered going to a less expensive, publicly funded college, such as NAIT, but their courses do not start up again until the fall, that, and there isn’t a course at NAIT that appears to be as thorough, or short (6 months), as the course at CDI College. This fact alone means CDI is the best option for her. That said, I am her only transportation in and out of the city. We have considered moving into the city, and with Melissa’s course ending in 6 months, we don’t see how we’ll have much choice but to move into the city around November. My course will finish in March 2007. We should be able to find jobs (which CDI is determined to help us with) and move back to a "small-town" place like Leduc, mind you that would be more expsensive, considering the obvious like a second car, unless we each get off work at relatively the same time each day and are able to pick each other up. We’re not city people and never will be, but we’ll live with it as long we have to simply because we will not have a choice.
        I truly wish there were a way to get the computer certifications that I need/want on my own, or by some other way that is cheaper then going to college, but there is sadly no other way that is more logical or practical then going to school and achieving the certifications either as I go along, or not soon after.
        That said, and certainly on a more positive note, I know that Melissa and I will put the enormous amount of skills and knowledge to use during school and for many years to come.
        Good Lord, what it takes these days to be successful!




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