Interview at Future Shop

     I just came back from an interview at Future Shop, which is in fact my second interview, as the first one I completed was online. Actually, it was my third, as I had an interview with the head of the Computer Repair dept, who referred me to the head of the retail portion of the dept. Suffice to say, all interviews went very well, and I was told they are interested in me. Another interview is scheduled for Wednesday at 1pm to meet with the General Manager of the store, who should be the one to hire me. They didn’t specify wages, but they say it’s competitive with the marketplace. As for benefits, after the traditional 3 months of probation, they offer full benefits. It has been a dream of mine to work for Future Shop, and it is the best way for me to start on my way to my dream job at a Network Admin!
      Once I am certified (A+), I may be transferred to the Computer Repair dept. They recodnize that I want full-time work, and do not seem to have a problem with that, which I will confirm on Wednesday.



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