Make Google News Your Home Page!

     Tired of the regular Google home page? It’s incredibly useful, and there’s no doubt about it, Google Rules! However, it wouldn’t kill it to add some more content! Now, there’s the ‘personalized’ home page, which lets you add content to your Google home page via RSS feeds. Myself, I prefer to customize Google News and use it as my home page, and it even has the regular search functions to boot! It’s great! Here’s how…


      Now, the only downside to this is the fact that like most customized content on the internet, the settings are stored in a ‘cookie’, which are located (in Windows XP) under "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Cookies\". Be sure not to delete any of the ‘Google’ cookies. You should be able to copy/paste them to another location, then put them back if you decide to delete your cookies, which is a good routine thing to do anyway. This is why I like a program called "IE Privacy Keeper", as you can customize all of this without having to go through and do it manually, and yes, it’s free.




1 Response to “Make Google News Your Home Page!”

  1. 1 Kevin March 18, 2006 at 6:32 am

    i like you and cheese

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