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So Much For UnEventful!

      Well, we had expected this weekend to be fairly uneventful, aside from my interview at Future Shop Saturday afternoon, and following up on delivering resumes, but mother nature has other plans. Right now, and it appears into the better part of tomorrow, we are supposed to get 15-20 centimetres of the white stuff (snow). I’ve been listening to the scanner, and emergency vehicles are being kept quite busy with everything from rollovers to MVCs (motor vehicle collisions) to cars in the ditch. The main highway, #2, is labelled as fair, but with drifting snow. However, secondary highways are not nice at all, and is where that majority of accidents are occuring.
      Not a good night to be out on the roads, that’s for damn sure!




The Search Continues

      I called up Future Shop this afternoon and scheduled an interview for tomorrow afternoon at 5:30pm. To work at Future Shop would be a dream come true, and although I will not be able to work in their computer repair department until I am A+ certified, I can certainly work on the floor helping customers, which in this day and age, is a very valuable skill to have.
      I am still waiting for London Drugs to call me back, and simply put, whoever says "you’re hired" first is who I’m sticking with. I will also be faxing off my resume and cover letter to Memory Express just as soon as I finish this entry.



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