The Vacation

A vacation is something you take to "get away from it all!"
But First,
you plan, you scheme, you organize, think ahead and work ahead.
You cancel the newspapers, hold the mail,
move your appointments and clear your schedule.
And once you’ve cleaned the house, done all the laundry,
changed the sheets and emptied the fridge, you pack.
You think ahead and guess the weather.
You try to imagine where you’ll be going and
what you’ll be wearing. Then you take a few things you’ll
never use and forget a few things you’ll have to buy.
You start your vacation high on expectations
and low on sleep and you spend it
exploring new places, meeting new people,
rekindling old friendships and making new memories.
You find yourself quietly refreshed by the simplicity
of having time – to laugh, to remember, to visit,
to relax and enjoy the ones you love.
And when your vacation is over, the best thing about
getting away from it all is that it somehow reminds you
"there’s no place like home!"
(c) Kimberly Rinehart




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