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Interview at Future Shop

     I just came back from an interview at Future Shop, which is in fact my second interview, as the first one I completed was online. Actually, it was my third, as I had an interview with the head of the Computer Repair dept, who referred me to the head of the retail portion of the dept. Suffice to say, all interviews went very well, and I was told they are interested in me. Another interview is scheduled for Wednesday at 1pm to meet with the General Manager of the store, who should be the one to hire me. They didn’t specify wages, but they say it’s competitive with the marketplace. As for benefits, after the traditional 3 months of probation, they offer full benefits. It has been a dream of mine to work for Future Shop, and it is the best way for me to start on my way to my dream job at a Network Admin!
      Once I am certified (A+), I may be transferred to the Computer Repair dept. They recodnize that I want full-time work, and do not seem to have a problem with that, which I will confirm on Wednesday.



Make Google News Your Home Page!

     Tired of the regular Google home page? It’s incredibly useful, and there’s no doubt about it, Google Rules! However, it wouldn’t kill it to add some more content! Now, there’s the ‘personalized’ home page, which lets you add content to your Google home page via RSS feeds. Myself, I prefer to customize Google News and use it as my home page, and it even has the regular search functions to boot! It’s great! Here’s how…


      Now, the only downside to this is the fact that like most customized content on the internet, the settings are stored in a ‘cookie’, which are located (in Windows XP) under "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Cookies\". Be sure not to delete any of the ‘Google’ cookies. You should be able to copy/paste them to another location, then put them back if you decide to delete your cookies, which is a good routine thing to do anyway. This is why I like a program called "IE Privacy Keeper", as you can customize all of this without having to go through and do it manually, and yes, it’s free.



So Much For UnEventful!

      Well, we had expected this weekend to be fairly uneventful, aside from my interview at Future Shop Saturday afternoon, and following up on delivering resumes, but mother nature has other plans. Right now, and it appears into the better part of tomorrow, we are supposed to get 15-20 centimetres of the white stuff (snow). I’ve been listening to the scanner, and emergency vehicles are being kept quite busy with everything from rollovers to MVCs (motor vehicle collisions) to cars in the ditch. The main highway, #2, is labelled as fair, but with drifting snow. However, secondary highways are not nice at all, and is where that majority of accidents are occuring.
      Not a good night to be out on the roads, that’s for damn sure!



The Search Continues

      I called up Future Shop this afternoon and scheduled an interview for tomorrow afternoon at 5:30pm. To work at Future Shop would be a dream come true, and although I will not be able to work in their computer repair department until I am A+ certified, I can certainly work on the floor helping customers, which in this day and age, is a very valuable skill to have.
      I am still waiting for London Drugs to call me back, and simply put, whoever says "you’re hired" first is who I’m sticking with. I will also be faxing off my resume and cover letter to Memory Express just as soon as I finish this entry.



Sitting and Waiting

      I have been sitting and waiting for London Drugs to call me back to give me the yay or nay on whether I’m hired. I called them up today, since I have not heard from them, and was told I should get a call by tomorrow afternoon. If I don’t, I will continue to look for work. I have a few more reputable places I’m going to look into. I simply cannot afford to sit and wait, I have to find work, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.


Update on The Car; On A Personal Note

      We were in contact with the Chrysler dealership yesterday and today, and all in all, it’s costing me (well, my folks, but I will pay them back in time) about $1000. This covers a complete major tune-up, something that is severely overdue (likely due to the $300 price tag), as well as replacing and fixing the power steering and it’s fluid. There’s more, but I’m too tired at the moment to remember, or maybe I’m in a bit of denial because of the price, who knows.
On A Personal Note:
      I’ve said this to my folks time and time again over the years, and especially in the past couple of days, how much I truly appreciate all that they do for me, be it moral support, advice and life lessons, how they go out of their way whenever they have to in order to make their family’s life that much easier, even if it’s at their own expense, be it time or money. Most of all in the past few years, if not for the money they have unconditionally and generously lended either myself, David, and Melissa, knowing full well that we will indeed pay them back as soon as we are able to do so. Without my parents, and although I’m working hard to try and stop relying on them as much as I have, they will always be my parents, through thick and thin, and without them, I would be severely screwed sometimes when it comes to life’s happenings and the unforeseen. I am forever thankful to them, and I will pay them back, and not just they money, but to the end that if at any point I can ever do anything at all for them, I most certainly will go out of my way to do it, because, well, that’s what family does. Thanks, Mom and Dad, I don’t know what I would do without you! I love you both!



Melissa's Website

     I have moved Melissa’s personal website from my account to one that I created on Shaw Cable’s servers just for her. Those who visit the website will not be able to notice any differences, besides the website address, but you can still access her website from It points to I’m updating her website, and my own for that matter, as I have time to do it. She’s not much into web design, so I do that for her. If you notice any glitches or problems on her website or mine,, please let me know. My email address is on my website. Thanks ever so much!



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