Gettin' Er Done

      I applied for two jobs at the airport today, Baggage screening and Security, both of which I applied for online. I want a job in the $10-$15 per hour range, even though I’ve already been hired as a flyer inserter for the Leduc Rep, who only offered me $8.50 per hour. I truly hope I can find a decent-paying job, but I’ll take what I can get until that point.
      I booked an appt with Scotiabank tomorrow afternoon at 1:00pm in regards to getting advice and information on how to set up my own small business for computer repair. Melissa has an appt at 12 noon, which I’ll get Dad to take her to if I can. We also have to be at Toastmasters for 6pm, an hour earlier then usual for specialty training. Melissa will come if she feels up to it. Same goes for me actually, but I suspect we’ll both be able to go.



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