Workin' Away

      It’s been a month since I posted to my blog. Either I just have not have the time or simply did not feel like it. In any case, I obviously can’t go into detail on everything, but I will summarize. First of all, I left my position at Dell a week and half ago, due to stress, but mostly due to being away from home, friends, and family so much. It was not an easy decision to make, in fact, it was the hardest I’ve had to make in my life so far, if not one of the hardest. I gave up a lot leaving Dell, but I left per personal reasons, as listed above, my professional life suffered as a result. I took a week and a half off to de-stress and figure out what my next step would be. I have decided to find work closer to home, something I can enjoy, but also earn a decent income from on a full-time basis, while studying for A+ and MCSA certification and achieving them by the end of August 2006. I can then proceed to find more suitable work for my skills, and actually have a decent chance of being hired. So that’s what I’m doing. I applied Staples, Wal-Mart, Webco (local newspaper publisher, as a flyer inserter), and will apply at Shoppers Drug Mart tonight. I said I can work overnight shifts at Wal-Mart as a shelf stocker. Not too fond of overnight shifts, but I’m not very picky at the moment.
      Melissa, on the other hand, is remaining off work for the time being as she has a minor surgery coming up, which may mean she’ll be recovering for a few days versus a few weeks, depending on how the doctors proceed, due to her Crohn’s Disease. She’s attempting to get covered by government disability. We shall see what happens there.
      As for other family members, Dad is getting tired of working at the Home Depot, and is looking for work elsewhere, while remaining at Home Depot. He’s applied at a few different places. We’ll see what happens.
      More later….Ciao!



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