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Snowfall Warning

"Heavy snowfall is expected for areas near Edmonton and east to Lloydminster.

A low pressure system is producing an area of heavy snow over central and southern Alberta. This area of snow is expected to stall over central Alberta bringing 10 plus centimetres to Edmonton and areas east this evening and overnight."

      I was looking out the windows while working today at Sobeys. It went from nice to downright nasty in only a few hours! By the time my shift ended, the snow was blowing, large amounts of it are on the ground, and more importantly, the roads. It is not nice weather out there at all! This may very well be the first snowstorm we’ve received this year.
      The only thing that worries us is that some of Melissa’s relatives are coming up from Calgary to visit us tomorrow. Not very nice visiting weather, but we’ll have to work with it anyhow.




There's Always Politics…

Monster in Law

      Melissa and I watched "Monster in Law" last night. Being we haven’t seen many good Jennifer Lopez movies, we weren’t sure what to think at first. The first J Lo movie that I saw that I really liked was "Enough". As it turns out, the movie was actually pretty good. We enjoyed it. We laughed, and at times it even tugged at our heartstrings. The cast had a wonderful chemistry, which included Michael Vartan of "Alias", and Jane Fonda, who hasn’t done a movie in nearly a decade. Vartan’s character is a doctor who has remained down-to-earth, and who falls in love with Lopez’s character, who works a few part-time jobs to make ends meet. Fonda’s character is the definite comic relief. The movie is of good length, and is fun to watch. It doesn’t feel rushed, and it does end happily, although with a twist at the end. The movie is quite predictable, but in a good way. I recommend watching it.


So Much Can Happen In A Week!

      I started the week off yet again submitting resumes, online and offline. On Tuesday, I was called by the local newspaper, or more accurately, the company that manufactures and prints many newspapers for the cities and towns surrounding Edmonton. My job was to be a "flyer stuffer", which basically involved putting flyer advertisements into papers, and putting sections of newspapers together to make complete papers. They started me off at $8.50 an hour. I went to work between 4-10pm on Wednesday, and 3:30-11:15pm on Thursday. After working those two shifts, I was exhausted and sore, and didn’t much enjoy the job. Therefore, I quit the job today. The reason is listed below.
     Today,  Melissa and I proceeded to return two movies to Blockbuster and then I went into Sobeys, leaving Melissa in the car for what I thought would only be a few minutes, so I could do a follow-up from my resume. I told them I would work anytime they needed me, and full-time. I talked to the store manager, and then was introduced to the Produce Manager and Assistant Manager, with whom I had an interview. The interview went well, and they hired me right then and there! I was surprised, but at the same time, I was thrilled!
      I start at Sobeys on Monday. It’s a bit of a weird week, schedule wise, and likely for the following week as well, but they want to train me and have me learn the ropes as quickly as possible. It’s full-time work, as mentioned, $8.50 an hour.One thing I forgot to ask about was benefits, as somehow that slipped my mind, but I will be sure to ask on Monday,although I imagine there is after the probationary period, seeing as it is a national company, until then, Blue Cross will do.  I plan to get A+ and MCSA certified by the end of 2006. The most important certification of the two  is A+, at least to begin with, as that will allow me to "get my feet wet" in the computer industry at a company such as Future Shop, CompuSmart, or London Drugs. In the meantime, I’ll be earning equal to what I was earning with Dell, minus parking and gas mileage. The wage isn’t fantastic, but it will at least pay the bills, which will ease our minds. I may even fix computers at home for some spare cash.
      Sorry for the long, drawn-out speech, but now you know what I’m up to and what I’m sticking with, as promised to Melissa, my family, and myself. I’m 23 years old, and it’s about time I really start on the path to the career I really want!
UPDATE: My ultimate goal is to be a Network Admin at a TV station.



What A Day

      Today was a good day, until this afternoon. Melissa and I weren’t feeling great, but we were feeling well enough to get some things done around town. We went to my bank, Scotiabank, to inqure about the posibility of my setting up a home based computer business, which we got plenty of informaiton on and research that I need to do. Starting a business isn’t easy, but I knew that, and I don’t expect it to be easy, but I’m certainly willing to give it my all at some point in the near future. Anyhow, our supposed last stop was to visit the doctor that was supposed to remove Melissa’s Gall Bladder next Tuesday about the Gall Bladder attack she took last Thursday.
      Then it happened…she had another attack right there in his office. She mentioned she was having some pain in her side, but she’s had it for a few days now, and we know to expect it, since we’ve been told it’s due to her Gall Bladder. What happened next came as a shock. Her doctor told her to go immediately to the Leduc Hospital where she would be admitted overnight for emergency Gall Bladder removal surgery tomorrow. Long story short, that’s exactly what we did. Mom and I even brought her some things from home that she wanted, which included some essentials and some things to keep her occupied, since the person who hooks up the TV and phone had already left for the day. That made us quite upset, but there is a pay phone on the same floor she is on, and two TV rooms, which means she’s got that for tonight, but as for tomorrow, or however long she ends up staying, she’ll need a phone and TV in her room. Although, we did bring her some magazines, and a crossword puzzle book. She has a novel to read, but we forgot it at home. The whole family will be visiting her tomorrow, myself likely for the better part of the day. She’s able to make collect calls, so she can phone home to NS to talk to her family, and she knows she can call us here at home in Leduc, day or night.
        She has family and friends in Alberta and Nova Scotia supporting her and loving her, and now we can only wait until we see what tomorrow brings.


Gettin' Er Done

      I applied for two jobs at the airport today, Baggage screening and Security, both of which I applied for online. I want a job in the $10-$15 per hour range, even though I’ve already been hired as a flyer inserter for the Leduc Rep, who only offered me $8.50 per hour. I truly hope I can find a decent-paying job, but I’ll take what I can get until that point.
      I booked an appt with Scotiabank tomorrow afternoon at 1:00pm in regards to getting advice and information on how to set up my own small business for computer repair. Melissa has an appt at 12 noon, which I’ll get Dad to take her to if I can. We also have to be at Toastmasters for 6pm, an hour earlier then usual for specialty training. Melissa will come if she feels up to it. Same goes for me actually, but I suspect we’ll both be able to go.


Got A Job

      I now have a job. It’s not the greatest, but it will certainly do while I study for computer certifications such as A+ and MCSA, so I can apply for and get my dream job by this Fall. It’s about 40 hours a week, benefits after 3 months, and $8.50 an hour, which is significantly less then what I was earning, but it will pay the bills for the next few months, which is all that matters to me. I have a plan to get my dream job by the Fall, and that’s exactly what I intend to do.
      I also intend to start up my own computer repair business here at home for extra income on the side. I just need to look into how to do it. I figure my best choice would be to talk to my bank, Scotiabank. They should have some ideas. I will also be speaking with some friends who may also have some ideas. This web page is what I have so far.


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