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Head Cold Part II

      I have had a head cold for the past 4 days. Today was arguably the worst. I was constantly coughing, so I was forced to sleep on the couch so Melissa could get some rest, as she had to work today. I knew I wasn’t going anywhere today. As they say at work, CYA (Cover Your Ass), which is exactly what I’ve been doing. I have sick notes covering every day I’ve been off work, all three of ’em so far. I even have a note for the next three, if I need them off, which I sincerely hope I do not. I have also phoned into work each day notifying them I would not be coming in. They’re a really understand company, my manager told me to rest up, and come into work when I can, because when I’m sick, it certainly won’t help me do my job, nor will it be at all productive to Dell. Those aren’t his exact words, but it gets the point across.
      My new shift starts tomorrow, 11:30am-8:30pm. I also have a new manager, and a new desk. This process will continue until they move us over to the new building this upcoming summer.
      Melissa seems to have the same cold I do, so we’re taking care of each other, and Mom and Dad help out as they can. Melissa is currently at work. I’m picking her up in an hour. I wish she wouldn’t have gone, as she wasn’t feeling well, but that’s a whole other story.



Head Cold

      I could feel a head cold beginning to take effect yesterday, and I was hoping that it would simply take a good night’s rest to feel better so I could go to work today. Apparently, that was a bit hopeful on my part. I woke up this morning, weak, with a headache, runny nose, and sore throat. I spent about a half hour debating with myself of whether to call into work sick or not. Since my entire job depends on my voice, as I’m on the phones all day, that was my biggest concern. I did decide to call in sick, not because I wanted to, but because I felt I had to. It’s less money in my pocket, but my health comes first. A friend of mine told me over the IM today that the head colds and flus are making the rounds, but they always do this time of year. I’m taking Halls, drinking coffee, and will continue to keep myself hydrated. I will also be taking a nap today. I want to go to work tomorrow, but only time will tell.


Telus Ads

      You may have seen the new Telus ad campaign using animals instead of actors. They are some of the most original and creative use of advertising I have ever seen! I can’t tell whether they’re real animals or CGI, or both, and I don’t really care, I think they’re just plain cool!
To see the advertisements online, click here



Happy New Year!

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