2005 Predictions

  1. The blogosphere continues to degenerate into uselessness, with "me too" entries overtaking substance by a margin of 50:1.
  2. Microsoft infuriates the syndication enthusiasts by calling it "OurSS" for Windows Vista and IE7.
  3. Yahoo! acquires Danni.com, claiming "Web 2.0 is going to be even bigger now."
  4. Dave Winer officially adopts Robert Scoble.
  5. HDTV programming doubles – from two boring shows to four.
  6. Public access stations across the country concede that video podcast content is just as boring, pointless.
  7. Steve Gillmor begins to work on a new spec for flame wars, dubbed Contention.XML.
  8. O’Reilly overtakes the world of fashion by releasing a new series of clothing titled "Slacks." Their first release, Google Slacks, is a runaway hit.
  9. Hidden rootcanal discovered inside all Sony toothbrushes.
  10. Everybody in the world finally farts at the same time.
  11. MTV brings Adam Curry back into the fold; Dawn and Drew quickly replace TRL.

source: chris.pirillo.com




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