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2005 Predictions

  1. The blogosphere continues to degenerate into uselessness, with "me too" entries overtaking substance by a margin of 50:1.
  2. Microsoft infuriates the syndication enthusiasts by calling it "OurSS" for Windows Vista and IE7.
  3. Yahoo! acquires, claiming "Web 2.0 is going to be even bigger now."
  4. Dave Winer officially adopts Robert Scoble.
  5. HDTV programming doubles – from two boring shows to four.
  6. Public access stations across the country concede that video podcast content is just as boring, pointless.
  7. Steve Gillmor begins to work on a new spec for flame wars, dubbed Contention.XML.
  8. O’Reilly overtakes the world of fashion by releasing a new series of clothing titled "Slacks." Their first release, Google Slacks, is a runaway hit.
  9. Hidden rootcanal discovered inside all Sony toothbrushes.
  10. Everybody in the world finally farts at the same time.
  11. MTV brings Adam Curry back into the fold; Dawn and Drew quickly replace TRL.





Quiet Christmas

      This Christmas has been fairly quiet, all things considered. We put up two Christmas trees, one upstairs and one downstairs. Melissa and I decorated our bedroom with LED lights as well. December has been a crazy month, we’ve either been working or preparing for Christmas, much like everyone else. As for Christmas day itself, there were a few special moments. Melissa received a dolphin locket for her Aunt and Uncle, and a small glass sculpture with a see-through image in the middle. She became emotional as she opened both. We received many gifts, of which we will be posting pictures of and explanations of each on our photo blogs. I didn’t get the DVD Burner that I wanted, I received practical gifts more then anything this year. Not what I expected, but I’ll get over it.
      Melissa and I are about to take a drive around town to take a look at Christmas lights shortly. We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, and a happy and successful New Year!!!


Merry Christmas!!!

      I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas. I hope you are all able to spend it with those you hold close to your heart, and that many wondeful memories come from the festivities that you will forever cherish! I hope you get everything you want for Christmas, but please remember that Christmas is more then giving or receiving presents, hold dear the time you get to spend with those who mean the most to you. Also, please do not forget the origins of Christmas, the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. I’m not a very religious person, but I believe we should recognize Christmas for it’s origins as well as modern day traditionalism! 

NORAD Tracks Santa

      It’s Christmas Eve, and the annual NORAD event of Tracking Santa is up and running for Christmas Eve! Visit the newly redesigned website to track Santa LIVE!

Plane slides off runway, kills child

Plane Skids Off Runway, Kills Child
      A Southwest Airlines jet skidded off a runway in a heavy snowstorm at Chicago’s Midway Airport Thursday night, sliding into an intersection and killing a young boy in a car. Another car was also hit by the Boeing 737 and eight other vehicle passengers were in serious condition, said Cortez Trotter, the Chicago Fire Department commissioner. The 6-year-old boy who died was in the car with his two younger brothers, including an infant, and his parents, said Deborah Song, spokeswoman for Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oaklawn. Their vehicle was crushed under the nose and fuselage of the plane, said Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford.

      It had been snowing all day in Chicago and visibility was poor at the time of the landing. The National Weather Service had issued a heavy snow warning in the city and surrounding area.There were approximately 8 inches of snow on the ground by early evening, and winds were blowing at between 13 mph and 18 mph.




Snow Storm Freezes Central USA

      At least 10 people were killed in road wrecks in Kansas, Missouri and Kentucky over two days. In Texas, a mother and son died in a fire sparked by an improperly installed wood-burning stove.

      The eastbound storm system was expected to leave a half-foot of snow in central Illinois and 3 to 5 inches in the Chicago area, where by late afternoon about 30 flights had been canceled at O’Hare International and Midway.

      In Indiana, dozens of schools dismissed students early, and community groups and churches canceled events, as many cities reported 4 to 6 inches of snow by evening. The heaviest snow — up to 10 inches — fell along the Interstate 35 corridor into Kansas City, said Greg Koch, a National Weather Service forecaster. Temperatures in the city fell into the single digits. The St. Louis region received 2 to 4 inches.

      Numerous vehicles slipped off roads or got into fender benders, troopers said. On a snow-packed interstate near Edgerton, Kansas, a 31-year-old woman’s pickup slid across the median Wednesday and collided with another vehicle, killing her and her 4-year-old daughter, authorities said.




With A Vengeance

      November was a fairly calm month as far as Winter is concerned in Canada. That said, Environment Canada forecasters are predicting that the rest of Winter may be much worse.

      "But rather than remembering the nice transition from fall to winter,
Canadians will look back at the end of the month and recall a brutal December,
said David Phillips, Environment Canada’s senior climatologist. "We’ve had a taste of what’s ahead but (winter) hasn’t really begun to bite
deep and hard across the country. Most Canadians should be pretty happy about
the weather so far (but) it looks like it’s going to be a dramatic change," he

Sick Day Number 3

     Melissa and I have both ended up sleeping most of today. I’m feeling better because of it, she seems to be feeling worse. Weird how that works. I have contacted my manager at Dell, and he says I will not lose my job due to being sick. He’s the one that would make that decision, so I feel better knowing that. I have agreed to make it into work tomorrow. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off work, so that’s good. Not the way I would have liked my week to go, but it works.


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