Two Weeks Since

      First of all, I am sorry for not making an entry in so long. My time has been taken up mostly by work at Dell, which as been a combination of a lot of fun and hard work with a lot to learn. I am not a morning person, but I have had to get up at 6am to be to work for an 8-5 shift for the past three weeks. Honestly though, it’s been worth it! I really like the way they do things at Dell, from the corporate attitude, to how they train, and how comfortable the atmosphere on "the floor" is. We start "Transition Queue" on Monday, which is the week in between training and being on "the floor". I think this is a great idea, as there is a big difference between being trained to do something and actually going out and doing it. This way, we have more confidence in ourselves and more familiarity with the tools of the job, and each other. As I mentioned, I love the way they do things at Dell! My shift for the next month, give or take, is 2:15pm – 11:15pm. Lets me sleep in, yay!



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