Extreme Home Makeover

      Melissa and I watched an episode of ‘Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition’ tonight. It was a wonderful episode, and it pulled at our heartstrings quite a bit. We try to watch the show as often as we can, although it is on every Sunday evening on ABC. It is truly a reality tv show that is based on reality, and one that we certainly don’t mind watching. No matter the kind of week a person has had, or the kind of people you’ve met lately, or anything, when you watch a show like that, it really gives you renewed hope in the human race! The fact that there are people left in this world that still go out of their way to drastically change a family’s life for the better, and all you’re left to say is "…Damn, that’s very cool!" is indeed just that! There isn’t a lot in this world that can make me emotional, as I’m just not the type, but nearly every time we watch ‘Extreme Home Makeover’, both Melissa and I get somewhat emotional, and the occasional tear does flow.
      "Extreme Home Makeover" is an extraordinary show that truly does change the average family’s life for the better in the truest sense of meaning. We strongly encourage each and every one of you to watch this amazing tv series, as the more people that watch it, the longer it will be on, and the more people ‘s lives will be changed, which I know is somewhat we all want to support.
     To help those in need on a more direct basis, I encourage you to donate to your local community organizations that are dedicated to helping those in need. Some examples are located in the "Charities" list in this blog.

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