First Week at Dell

      I have really enjoyed my first 40 hour week at Dell! There has been a lot to learn, but the pros outweight the cons by far! I’m still absorbing all of the information, which is ok, it’ll become second nature before too long! As for learning, they make it easy! Sure, some of the material is dry and boring, but any job has that, you just have to pay extra attention and make the extra effort to understand it, then it’s back to the more interesting stuff. That said, they explain things in easy to understand ways, and are more then happy to answer questions! They caught us off guard at first when they said they’d be giving us daily and weekly quizzes, passing mark being 80%. Didn’t we graduate and leave college to avoid tests?! Oh well, at least they care enough to make sure we understand what they’re teaching us! The tests have been open book thus far, so I’m in no position to complain, and even if I did, who listens to it nowadays anyway? Honestly, though, I appreciate the tests, they force us to make sure we understand the material, and they give us confidence each day, and most importantly, at the end of the three weeks of training!
       The best part of the training and job so far is that they keep it fun! All I can say is that rocks! If you don’t enjoy what you do and have fun doing it, then what’s the point?! Exactly.
      The people are fantastic, and the building is amazing, more inside then out though. It’s a massive building (32 floors), Dell is on the 26-29 floors. The view of Edmonton is breathtaking! Dell is in the process of building a much larger facility in Edmonton, which we’ll all be transferred to sometime next year.
      One of the things about the job that I have liked most so far is that they had us sit in on actual calls on Friday. That was the first time we could see the skills we’re learning in class being put to use in the actual Call Centre environment. I really enjoyed that. In fact, I’m enjoying everything!
      So there you go, a summary of what my first week at Dell has been like. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen in the future for what I hope to be many years to come!



1 Response to “First Week at Dell”

  1. 1 Cicero November 11, 2005 at 4:36 am

    It\’s actually good to hear that you enjoy listening in on calls Kev. Do bear this in mind, that after taking calls for awhile, you may realize that the job gets boring and repetitive. That being said, that only happens once you\’ve hit your "peak". When that happens, start looking for new work. I say this because when it becomes boring, you\’ve gotten to a stage where you\’ve more or less tapped your skill level on this job, and unless they promote you to something slightly more challenging, you may feel trapped. This just comes from experience in working at a call center with a technical edge.Anywho, I know its early, but I just slept for 10 hours straight and I need to do a lot to make myself sleepy by 6PM tonight. Later!

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