What A Day So Far

      Melissa and I got up at 8am to get her to work by 10am this morning. We went to the car at 9:50am, only to find the starter on it has failed! Luckily, she only works 5 minutes away, so she was able to get a cab, granted she was a couple of minutes late as a result, but she phoned ahead. I at first thought it to be the battery, and it was suggested to me to get tow truck to boost it. Turns out I can get the car in "battery mode" where the lights come on and the radio will play, so it’s not the battery giving us problems, so we think it’s the starter.
      David‘s at a friend’s place helping him move, so hopefully he’ll be back by 2pm so we can pick Melissa up from work. Otherwise, Melissa and I are going to go see a mutual friend and fellow Toastmaster, Rick, this evening. That is if we can get a ride over to his place. As for work on Monday, David has more or less agreed to allow me to borrow his car on Monday and possible Tuesday to go into Edmonton to get to work. Looks like we won’t be able to get the Stratus (my car) in for repairs until Tuesday, as that’s when Dad’s off work.
     Admittedly, yeah, this really sucks, but we’ll make due. You’ve got to expect shit like this to happen once in a while, it’s the way the universe works. Just gotta deal with it and move on.



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