Prairie blizzards and heat waves

      Weather just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Heat wave in October?! A blizzard only one province away from hot temperatures?! This weekend near Edmonton, we’re getting decent weather, but snow is forecast for as early as next weekend! Not that snow is weird for this time of year, but only a weekend away from decent weather?! I’ve heard this winter is supposed to be another El Nino (harsh), and from other sources that it’s supposed to be mild. Whatever may come, it shall be interesting!
      Residents of southern Manitoba are feeling the wet, icy wrath of an early fall blizzard while their Ontario neighbours were still using air conditioners to keep cool in an October heat wave. Up to 20 centimetres of snow was forecast Wednesday for southwestern Manitoba and southeastern Saskatchewan, where daytime temperatures hovered around freezing. Cold winds pushing across the Prairies left many people pulling on parkas weeks earlier than expected. In contrast, a third day of unusually warm weather was forecast for Toronto on Wednesday with a muggy high of 26 degrees.



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