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Halloween Fun

      Here is a website I found by way of Someone with way too much time on their hands and far too much technical know-how put this website together where you can control the actions (on/off) of Halloween decorations on his house and yard. It’s fun to play with for about a minute, but it’s cool nonetheless!



Police Scanner Codes

     As you may know, I got a "police" scanner for my birthday back in July ’05. It’s nothing extraordinary fancy, but it definitely works. It’s only real downfall is that it apparently doesn’t have the necessary range to get Edmonton authorities. I’ve been looking all over the net since then to find out what they’re saying with all of their "10" codes talk, as it makes no sense unless you make the effort to try and decipher it. However, I have found a website that details the generic "10" codes of the RCMP. Granted, some regions have their own codes for their own purposes, but this general list covers a good chunk of them. This will prove extremely helpful in understanding what is being said!


What A Day So Far

      Melissa and I got up at 8am to get her to work by 10am this morning. We went to the car at 9:50am, only to find the starter on it has failed! Luckily, she only works 5 minutes away, so she was able to get a cab, granted she was a couple of minutes late as a result, but she phoned ahead. I at first thought it to be the battery, and it was suggested to me to get tow truck to boost it. Turns out I can get the car in "battery mode" where the lights come on and the radio will play, so it’s not the battery giving us problems, so we think it’s the starter.
      David‘s at a friend’s place helping him move, so hopefully he’ll be back by 2pm so we can pick Melissa up from work. Otherwise, Melissa and I are going to go see a mutual friend and fellow Toastmaster, Rick, this evening. That is if we can get a ride over to his place. As for work on Monday, David has more or less agreed to allow me to borrow his car on Monday and possible Tuesday to go into Edmonton to get to work. Looks like we won’t be able to get the Stratus (my car) in for repairs until Tuesday, as that’s when Dad’s off work.
     Admittedly, yeah, this really sucks, but we’ll make due. You’ve got to expect shit like this to happen once in a while, it’s the way the universe works. Just gotta deal with it and move on.


The Resume Doctor

      I recently redesigned my resume and cover letter, as well as built a professional website, all to look for a job, which I now have. That’s not to say either of the three were perfect or are perfect, but along with friends and family who gave me pointers and suggestions, the website, Resume, helped me out a great deal. They allow you to submit your resume for a free evaluation. Mind you, they only give a few pointers and then ask for money for a further evaluation. That said, however, their website resources section gives a lot of pointers in resume and cover letter building, and for free! I strongly recommend you take a look at this website!
      Another key part nowadays is the interview process. One technique used is Behavioral Interviewing,  "Behavioral interviewing asserts that "the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in a similar situation." Click here for example questions 


Preparing for Monday

      I am in the process of getting my body clock ready to get up at 6am on Monday for te 8-5 shift. I got up at 10am this morning, tomorrow 9am, Saturday 8am, Sunday 7am, and 6am on Monday. Melissa and I went to Wal-Mart this afternoon to pick me up a pair of casual dress shirts, a pair of casual dress pants, and a new belt. I won’t have to wear a tie, so I likely won’t bother. Melissa also picked up some things she needed. We also got some Purex toilet paper, best stuff on the market as far as we’re concerned, and it comes in 30 roll packages now, who knew? Ah well. I’ve got a couple of things I’ve leaving until tomorrow to do just to give myself something to do.
     Anyhow, supper’s ready, so I’ll talk to ya’ll later!


Got A Job At Dell!

      As you may have read in Melissa’s blog entry, I have been hired by Dell Canada. I had an interview in the summer months, but that went nowhere. I had another interview, two actually, yesterday, at the same location in downtown Edmonton.  I had an interview with a recruiter, who basically went over interpersonal skills. I was then interviewed by the manager of the Call Centre, who went over technical skills by reading me out scenarios that I had to troubleshoot in my mind and give him a specific answer. Both interviews went very well! I then sat in the lobby for a bit, where I talked to a security guard, and was then brought to another room, where I was told I was hired, as they really like my attitute and technical skills. I hung out in the building until 4pm, so about two hours, which was more logical then driving an hour home and turning around and driving an hour back. I then met up with some other hirees, and we were brought to a boardroom, where we signed the dotted lines regarding policy and the terms we would be bound by, and well as benefit packages and other general information. We were then told to come back Monday for an 8-5 shift.
      I won’t go into much detail here until I learn more concrete information regarding working at Dell Canada, but I will say it’s decent pay and full-time hours. In case you’re wondering, it’s a Call Centre Rep position for Tech Support.


Lotto 649 is $40 million!!!

       I don’t consider myself a gambling or betting man, but with the lotto getting up above $20 million, I find it hard to resist not buying some tickets! That goes for Melissa too! Even though the chances are only about 1 in 14 million, but that means there’s still a chance. I’m an optimist, anyone who knows me knows that. I don’t like to think about what I would do if I were to ever win such a sum of money, the way I see it, if I win, fantastic, if I don’t, at least I have the satisfaction that I tried, which eliminates the guilt trip. I suppose the big question is would I share it with friends a family? The simple answer is yes. However, I would share it logically, I wouldn’t just give away money for the hell of it, and I especially wouldn’t give anything to anyone who would beg for it or try to put me through a guilt trip, as it would be a priviledge to receive any amount of money, not a given right.
      Although I hope I or someone I know wins the loot, all things being equal, I encourage everyone who is able to take part to buy some tickets, as everyone deserves a chance. You can get tickets at authorized Lotto Centres across Canada. Your best bet is convenience stores or drug stores.


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