Wild Week

      What A Wild Week. So much has happened that sometimes I have trouble keeping it all straight in my mind. Well, that not necessarily the case, but a lot has happened. Earlier in the week, Melissa went through a terrible time with a toothache. Related or not, she also had a sore throat and earache. She went to the dentist, who referred her to another dentist to have the tooth removed. She would have scheduled a root canal instead, but her dental converage doesn’t kick in until November. So we fully expected she’d have to have the tooth removed. After she went to the other dentist, we discovered she didn’t have to have the tooth removed. Turns out he took care of the nerve that was paining her, and put in a temporary filling. Thus, she can now wait until November to have the root canal. Not exactly something to jump for joy over, but it’s good news nonetheless.
      Melissa‘s Aunt and Uncle, Betty and Bill, were here in town for just over 24 hours, not counting sleep. They’re currently on a cross-country trip via car. They’ll then drive through the northwest, central, and northeast USA before heading back to Nova Scotia. They’re currently having the time of their life in a rocky mountain resort. Anyhow, we met up with them at Tim Hortons. I used Melissa’s cell phone to phone up local hotels, most of which were booked up, strangely enough, as no big event is happening, most be due to the airport in close proximity. We did end up finding them a hotel. We then quickly stopped by the house to do a quick meet ‘n greet, and took them back to the hotel.
      On Thursday, we took them to West Edmonton Mall. They only had a day to look around, so we only got to visit a few stores, and take a quick look at the attractions. Suffice to say, by the end of the day, we were all tired. Melissa and I took Friday off to relax and to recover. Betty and Bill were on the road to the mountains, but I’m sure they are getting their relaxing time once they get to the resort.
      Betty and Bill got to meet the family here at home, and we all went out for supper at Swiss Chalet. Afterwards, we all came back to the house, ate some cake, and talked about each other’s families to better get to know one another. Everyone said their goodbyes, Mel and I then took them back to their hotel, and said more goodbyes.



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