Hump Day

      Melissa and I went to Red Deer for her doctor’s appt. We received a small bit of good news, but basically were referred to another doctor nearer to where we actually live. Obviously, we weren’t too pleased. We waited more then a month to see the guy! On top of that, we ended up getting lost, which resulted in Mel and I fighting out of frustration. We forgave each other later on. In addition, we spent 3 hours on the road to and from. So, suffice to say, we slept really well once we got home. We woke up this morning. Melissa was to be up to sign for a courier delivery. I was to be up to go to school. We were both so out of it, we decided to say to hell with it all, and went back to sleep. We awoke around 1pm, feeling at least more awake, not necessarily energized.
      We’re going to a dentist appt for Melissa, picking up the courier package, and going for coffee at Tim Hortons.
     Anyhow, time to go to her dentist appt. Talk to ya’ll later.



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