They Fired This Guy for Doing WHAT?

       You gotta read this. It’s an entry from my gf’s Space. Who gets fired for doing this? Slap on the wrist I can see, but fired? Must’ve had it coming anyway, had to of. 


They Fired This Guy for Doing WHAT?

Now this story is some what weird so please read it.

– Melissa


Here’s a piece of advice: If you’re wandering the halls of your workplace and see food just sitting there for the taking, keep walking. Do not eat it. Why? You might get fired for it. That’s exactly what happened to computer engineer Jim Garrison, who lost his job when he chowed down on two slices of pepperoni pizza left over from a company meeting.

There is a silver lining. The Associated Press reports that Garrison is the winner of an Internet contest from seeking stories about outrageous firings. The prize is a free weeklong Trump cruise. Garrison, 39, said he was fired because, unbeknownst to him, a group of employees had planned to divvy up the leftover pizza and take it home. When they returned to get it later, they found two of the six slices missing so they reported Garrison to management. He says that ultimately led to his firing a month later.







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