The HTML button

Credit: d3vmax
Using the <HTML> Function
HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
      As you must have Noticed that the EDIT-IT tool no longer Exists and is replaced by the <HTML> Button. It is the Same as the Edit-it Tool and you can continue pasting the codes as you used to before. MSN has made changes to stuff that it sees as a Security Threat.
      This Tool lets you add and customize stuff on your Blog entry. It basically lets you Enable HTML so you can put Extra Stuff into your Blog entry in HTML Code.
Those who do not know what the Edit it Button is Skip the Step Below !
      The Tool set above is similar to what you would have had when you had the Edit-it Button,  except for the <HTML> button. This acts like the Tick box thing in Edit It it Button to Enable HTML editing.
1. Click on the <HTML> button in your Blog editing Tool set.
2. You Screen Turns white and a Funny "<Div> <Div> " code appears, Ignore it.
3. You will be pasting HTML codes under this. These codes you will learn from other <HTML> Tutorials.
4. That is all you need to know about the <HTML> Button
5. You will can carry on from here for Adding audio and Video to your Space.

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