When It Rains, It Pours

"Alberta’s largest city has issued its first-ever local emergency order as its two rivers are running wild following a night of heavy rain." "Homes in southwest Calgary experienced flooded basements and back-up sewers. Southwest of Calgary, a dam breech threatened the hamlet of Priddis. It caused a local creek to rise by a metre in a few hours."

"About 2,000 people in Calgary are being asked to leave their homes because of unprecedented flooding in the Bow and Elbow Rivers and Fish Creek." "The order was focused on homes and apartments near the river south of the city centre." "Many highways and roads remain closed because of flooding, including the Trans-Canada and at least six other roads just west of Calgary. In Cochrane, the RCMP said traffic has delayed crews moving sandbags, causing more flooding."

"Campers had to be rescued by helicopter, Trans-Canada traffic was snarled, and hundreds of homeowners had to scurry for high ground in what has become a spring season of soggy misery." "As daylight faded, the sky was split with the sound of sirens. Nearby residents could be seen packing their belongings into cars and trucks."


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