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Making Changes

Hey All,

             I’m in the time consuming process of making some major hierarchical changes to my website. Not only will this make the URLs somewhat shorter, but will make the website a little more professional, although most of the website addresses of the pages will change as a result. Not to worry, no links or pages will go dead in the transition (I hope). Only when the changes are made will I go back and delete the old files. This will take up a bit of space on the server, but it’s temporary. If you’ve gotten used to certain addresses for each page, it should only take a moment to change them, and hopefully you’ll like the changes!

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CRTC OKs pay radio services

  "Pay radio, a developing industry south of the border, offers subscribers CD-quality programming beamed directly to their specially-designed receivers. Aside from its high fidelity, proponents of the service tout its ability to reach listeners in remote locations, out of reach of regular radio signals.

  All that comes at a price, of course. The service is expected to cost between $10 and $13 a month, with a minimum $100 price tag on the radio receiver."

In a Geek's World, He's A Celebrity

"Pirillo, 31, is a minor celebrity among online Web loggers and technology enthusiast.

Pirillo describes himself as a geek, and, OK, there’s some geekiness, what with the framed eyeglasses, the grin that borders on goofy and the pin on his shirt that says "RSS" in large white letters. RSS, if you didn’t know, is a format used to distribute online content.

But Pirillo isn’t short on personality either, and, as he’s fond of saying, personality sells. Especially when it comes to something as intimidating as technology."

Seattle Times

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