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This Week in Tech

The podcast internet broadcast, This Week in Tech, or TWiT, was released late due to some complications. It is the 7th episode of the series, available at or TWiT comes from some former hosts of TechTV, which G4 bought and consequently squashed. They are friendly, personable, and highly reputable people who have a passion for everything technology related, and enjoy sharing their knowledge with the world. Each new show is regularly recorded every Sunday, but this week is an exception.


Traffic Woes

My brother David and I weren’t doing a whole lot at school yesterday, so we decided to come home early. Traffic was going at a good pace until just before we exited the city, where it slowed down to the equivalent of a parking lot! This was on one of Alberta’s most heavily used highways, so obviously people weren’t too pleased. We found out from the radio and watching TV that a few kilometers further down the highway, a major accident had occured

"A semi hauling lumber rolled in the southbound lanes of the newly renamed Highway 2. Police blocked the main highway southbound and directed drivers onto the 2A, telling them to re-enter the QE II further south. Then another truck tried to turn around (on Highway 2A) to get around the detour," said Williams. That truck, however, hung up one of its pup trailers on the median, breaking it free from the rig and blocking the detour route."

Today, here in town, the train crossing lights at a heavily used intersection decided to malfunction. A train had gone through, but the lights and bells didn’t stop and the arms didn’t go back up, causing a traffic jam.

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