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Google Earth

Google released "Google Earth 3.0"
today, which in part uses Keyhole’s satellite mapping technology, which
Google acquired last October. Google asks for a price for the
full-fledged product at
, but also now offers a toned-down program incorporated with it’s recently revamped Google Maps. Although Google Earth is
a small download, you will need a computer with some "horsepower" to
view the maps displayed as they were meant to be seen, although most
computer built in the last 2-3 years shouldn’t have a problem.
If you’re into simulation programs such as Google Earth, check out these other similiar programs.

Podcast Awards

With the explosion of mainstream podcasting, Many different websites have shown up on the internet providing places where people can browse through thousands on free online podcasts in many different categories. Think of it as an alternative to tranditional radio or even online radio. If it sounds like I’m advocating podcasting, I am! Although I do not have the means to create one myself just yet, I listen to a few myself, and highly recommend everyone checks them out, who knows, you might learn something! 🙂

That said, this November will be the first annual Podcasting awards. You can nominate your favorite podcasts for much-deserved awards! Vote here!

All-Time High

Gas prices in Alberta have hit an all-time high, with the average price of a litre of gas now costing 91.5 cents! Premium fuel is a dollar a litre! Many would agree that we live in the most well off province in the  country, so why are we paying such high prices for something that is processed right here?! The reason is because the price is based on the stock market price of oil and gas worldwide, not locally. To further frustrate drivers, analysts are saying the prices will only climb higher as the summer goes on.  That’s all the motivation I need to get an electric car as soon as I can! $45 to fill my tank…unreal….


The Best Food in The World

Melissa and I went to Swiss Chalet tonight for our Year and A Half Anniversary. The restaurant was easy to find, we were escorted to our seats the moment we got there, the food took a short time to be prepared, and it was absolutely the best food we’ve had in a long time! Our waitress was very kind and personable and very coordinated, and the food was inexpensive! It really could not have been any better! We are definitely going there again, and we highly recommend it!

Out To Dinner

Melissa and I were going to go out for dinner and a movie last night, but that changed in favor of going swimming last night and going to Swiss Chalet tonight. We figured every restaurant would be packed last night due to Father’s Day, so we chose tonight for dinner instead. We thought about booking a reservation, but decided against it. Hopefully that was the right decision to make. At any rate, time for Mel’s doctor’s appt, so we gotta go. Talk to you all later.

When It Rains, It Pours

"Alberta’s largest city has issued its first-ever local emergency order as its two rivers are running wild following a night of heavy rain." "Homes in southwest Calgary experienced flooded basements and back-up sewers. Southwest of Calgary, a dam breech threatened the hamlet of Priddis. It caused a local creek to rise by a metre in a few hours."

"About 2,000 people in Calgary are being asked to leave their homes because of unprecedented flooding in the Bow and Elbow Rivers and Fish Creek." "The order was focused on homes and apartments near the river south of the city centre." "Many highways and roads remain closed because of flooding, including the Trans-Canada and at least six other roads just west of Calgary. In Cochrane, the RCMP said traffic has delayed crews moving sandbags, causing more flooding."

"Campers had to be rescued by helicopter, Trans-Canada traffic was snarled, and hundreds of homeowners had to scurry for high ground in what has become a spring season of soggy misery." "As daylight faded, the sky was split with the sound of sirens. Nearby residents could be seen packing their belongings into cars and trucks."

Making Changes

Hey All,

             I’m in the time consuming process of making some major hierarchical changes to my website. Not only will this make the URLs somewhat shorter, but will make the website a little more professional, although most of the website addresses of the pages will change as a result. Not to worry, no links or pages will go dead in the transition (I hope). Only when the changes are made will I go back and delete the old files. This will take up a bit of space on the server, but it’s temporary. If you’ve gotten used to certain addresses for each page, it should only take a moment to change them, and hopefully you’ll like the changes!

Comments, concerns, questions? Click the link below.

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