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Customize MSN Messenger

"Allows you to patch MSN Messenger 7.0.0813 with the following options:

enable polygamy, install custom, disable remove add contact label, remove msn search bar, remove banner ad, remove msn today button, fix nickname length, remove white (text ad) space from conversation windows, distinguish Idle from Away status (English version only), remove MSN logo (from main and conversation window), remove premium services (what’s hot), remove conversation window search button, remove email button, remove my space button, remove all contact card buttons, disable nudge protection, remove user is writing message, remove Winks/packs and/or nudges buttons and change handwriting tab images to text, multi-language support (catalan, danish, dutch, english, french, portuguese, brazilian portuguese, spanish, swedish, and traditional chinese), enable/remove Winamp support in Personal Messages, clicking your MSN Display Picture in the main window opens the display picture dialog (like it used to), boost Personal Messages to 500 characters, remove blocked extensions in file transfers, remove font button, remove backgrounds button.

NEW in Mess Patch 7.0.0813: three categories of tweaks, remove billing information menus, disable MSN Spaces integration in contact cards, enable multi-line nicknames, sign-in status in system tray menu, remove gleams, disable MSN Music song links, add always on top main/conversation window button, remove user is typing message, winamp support in Personal Messages with TheBlasphemer‘s Winamp plugin, swap now playing artist and song title when using iTunes, Windows Media Player or Winamp, add sign-out button to upper panel which displays the new logo, hide personal messages in contact list, remove webcam icon from To: bar and added Korean language support."

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RSS, Yahoo, Ringtones, and E3

RSS can help

With RSS, websites send out "feeds" of headlines and links to their stories. Newsreader software harvests information from your favourite websites and brings it back to you.

Yahoo testing free e-mail service

Yahoo Inc. is testing an e-mail service that will let people share digital photos without the hassle of cumbersome attachments that hog storage space and bandwidth.

Phone Ring Tone Set to Top U.K. Charts

A cell-phone ring tone appeared set to top the British singles chart Sunday, outselling the new single by the band Coldplay by nearly four to one, a music retailer said.


Every year, the ESA presents the highly acclaimed Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the world’s most important show dedicated exclusively to the interactive entertainment industry.

Ad-Aware 1.06

Lavasoft today released Ad-Aware 1.06 today. The description of Ad-Aware from "With the ability to scan your RAM, registry, hard drives, and external storage devices for known data-mining, advertising, and tracking components, Ad-aware SE easily can clean your system, allowing you to maintain a higher degree of privacy while you surf the Web."

"New in version 1.06: Disk-scan is approximately 30% faster. CSI scan is now more efficient. Added "Scan for low-risk threats" option, to scan for targets with low TAC index. Ad-Watch CSI engine performance highly improved; using less CPU and Memory as well as having a smaller footprint. GUI adapted to use the new TAC."


Rain, Wi-Fi, and Netscape


At least 100 millimetres of rain fell in the area on Thursday. That’s on top of the 160 mm that fell on the weekend, prompting officials to declare a state of emergency.

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Philadelphia, which plans to have its citywide Wi-Fi network up and running by summer 2006, is the poster child of the municipal wireless movement


Microsoft has alerted consumers that Netscape’s latest browser appears to break the XML rendering capabilities in Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Downpour in Nova Scotia

The skies have opened up again over southwestern Nova Scotia, raising the possibility of more evacuations, and more damages.

The area has already been drenched with more than 160 millimetres of rain since Saturday, and another 75 mm is expected to fall before the end of the day Thursday.

The order for residents to leave about 60 homes around Fancy Lake followed the declaration of a state of local emergency in the area earlier in the day.

Damage costs may be high enough to trigger a call to Ottawa for emergency help, he said. Federal assistance is possible at the $1 million mark.

In parts of Nova Scotia, 248 millimetres of rain has fallen so far this month, more than double the monthly average.

A low-pressure storm system was expected to stall over the Gulf of Maine on Thursday, bringing heavy rain and strong easterly winds to much of Nova Scotia.

More than 160 millimetres of rain has fallen since Saturday.

The record-setting weekend deluge swamped a number of roads and bridges in southern parts of the province.

Hate the weather? Blame the jet stream. It’s too far south to move the low-pressure system that’s been stalled over the Maritimes for weeks. Take heart — by next week, the jet stream should have moved north enough to dislodge that system, bringing us blue skies and sunshine by the end of the month

Wednesday Already

The good part about long weekends is they make the following week go faster. It’s already Wednesday, which means only 2 more days until yet another weekend! However, these three days (including today) won’t be a piece of cake, since I have two quizzes and a final exam on Friday, all of which I need to do well on considering my marks as of late. Toastmasters is tonight, I had gone back and forth in deciding whether or not to go, since this week is so busy, but I also realize I need some fun in my week, so Melissa and I will be going. I’ll get some studying done before and after the meeting.

Long Weekend

I love long weekends, it’s the following couple of days that I don’t like. As with any day following a long weekend, I feel tired and a little out of it. I got a good amount of sleep last night, but still somehow managed to sleep in. My brother drove me into college today, so he wasn’t too pleased that we were late leaving. Nothing’s happening in school today besides a certification exam I write around 1pm. If I had known the day would be like this, I may have been tempted to sleep in even longer. That said, this week is jam packed with quizzes and tests, so this is not the week to be lazy.

The two-hour "24" season finale was on last night. My gf, Melissa, and I were really into it. The couple of episodes leading up to it were a bit lacking, but the finale once again proved that it is a show with a damn good team behind and in front of the camera! As expected, some questions were left unanswered, likely to be addressed either in the season 4 DVD or starting next January in season 5. The finale ended with a couple of unexpected twists, and very open ending which leaves season 5 to basically come up with anything they want!

Update: I have just learned that "24" has been renewed for two more seasons, starting January 2006!

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